Priority Populations

Personal Solutions Inc. (PSI) is committed to providing a full continuum of care to priority populations: pregnant women, women with dependent children (including women who are attempting to regain custody of their children), and injection drug users.

Pregnant Women (IV or Substance Abusers)

Pregnant women requesting treatment will be assessed by the case manager and then referred to an appropriate level of care and treatment provider. If there is not a facility available to admit the woman, PSI will provide or refer the woman to interim services (see policy) within 48 hours. The case manager and/or the services provider will track clients through interim services until the client is placed in treatment.
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Upon admission to a program, PSI will assure that the treatment program coordinates the following ancillary services:

  • Primary medical care for women, including a referral for prenatal care and, while the women are receiving such services, child care.
  • Primary pediatric care, including immunization for their children
  • Gender sensitive substance abuse treatment and other therapeutic interventions for women which may address issues of relationships, sexual and physical abuse, family therapy, nutrition education, and education to the GED level.
  • Therapeutic interventions for the children in the custody of the women receiving treatment services which may include but not limited to the children’s developmental needs and issues of abuse and neglect.
  • Sufficient case management and transportation to ensure that women and their children have access to the services mentioned above.

Women with Dependent Children

Women with dependent children will be referred to interim (within 48 hours) and ancillary services as necessary. PSI will work with outpatient and inpatient providers to assure that providers treat the family as a unit and shall admit both women and their children into treatment services if appropriate. Provisions for childcare will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Injection/IV Drug Users

Injection (IV) drug users will be referred to appropriate interim and ancillary services. PSI will refer to interim services within 48 hours of assessment if the client cannot be offered admission to treatment within 14 days.