Prevention services are planned activities designed to preclude or reduce the use of drugs and alcohol and their negative impact on the individual, the family, and society.

Prevention Activities

Prevention activities are designed to improve positive interpersonal and human relations skills, enhance access to social institutions, and provide effective coping skills. These activities are targeted to the entire population. They can be delivered through schools, media, family, and community agencies/groups. Our staff is available to provide technical assistance for anything from a school report to a community project or coalition.

Informational Materials

Access to the internet enables our office to provide current, up-to-date information on all alcohol, tobacco, and drug-related issues. Informational materials are available to individuals, as well as in bulk quantities for larger groups, such as churches, schools, 4-H, scouts, civic organizations, agencies, and employers.

If you would like to request a program presentation for your group, please complete and submit the program request form by clicking here.