Case Management

Administrative Case Management (formerly Care Management)
Emergency Hotline: 1-800-452-0218

Client Specific Services:
Administrative Case Manager can assist clients in need of drug and alcohol treatment using the following services

· screening

· assessment

· placement

· authorization of services and funding

· continuing stay and utilization review

All of these services are used to meet the individual's needs.

Accessing Services:
Case Management Services are available to all individuals who are experiencing problems relating to their drug and/or alcohol usage.

What To Expect:
An assessment will be completed by a Case Manager who will determine the severity of the impact of chemicals on various aspects of an individual's life. The assessment will determine what level of care is needed for the individual by assessing the likelihood of recovery in selected areas of their life. These areas include intoxication/withdrawal; medical condition; emotional/behavioral; treatment acceptance/resistance; relapse potential and recovery environment.

How Do I Know I Need Services: Early Warning Signs of Problem Behavior:

· Changes in personality, unpredictability and inconsistency in behaviors and mannerisms

· Deterioration in personal hygiene and appearance

· Job or financial difficulties

· Loss of interest in activities which once were deemed important

· Isolating oneself from family and friends

· Changes in sleep patterns usually characterized by sleep disturbances, restlessness and nightmares

· Impairment of memory and judgment

· Decline in school performance

· Decreased motivation and drive

· Outburst in temper usually brought about because of lowered tolerance to pressure and stress

· Disciplinary problems increase

· Legal difficulties

· Increased association with drug sub culture

· Reputation

Intensive Case Management

Client Specific Services:
Intensive Case Management can offer you help with the following services:

familyleisure skillslife and social skills
child caretransportationmental health

Accessing Services:
Case Management Services are available to all individuals who are experiencing problems related to their drug and/or alcohol usage. Case Management can take the form of resource coordination and/or intensive case management depending on the needs and choices of the clients.

What To Expect:
The Intensive Case Manager will help you to:Evaluateyour strengths and needs, help you to setgoals,linkyou to the services that you need,advocatefor your rights with those services, andcoachyou as you work toward achieving your goals.

How Do I Know I Need Services:
A confidential service assessment can be scheduled with the Intensive Case Manager to discuss the supportive services that you are seeking.
All communication with this program will be treated in a confidential manner.